We design, supply and installation of all kinds of refrigeration systems.

In the field of refrigeration, our operations include designing, supply and assembly of refrigeration and freezing systems for any commercial premises from small supermarkets to big distribution centers. Our partners Ritel LDA, Hiperfrio LDA and others support us to provide top quality operations.

We prepare projects and assembly of any cooling installations including:


We design refrigeration systems. We prepare prototypes in order to best adapt the project to the needs of our clients.


We chamber and refrigerated warehouses on request.


In order to provide you the best opportunity to display products work with leading companies in terms of exposure Tasselli, Jordão, Exkal, Enofrigo based on equipment from Centauro.


By working with Ritel and Alicontrol companies have many years of experience in building cooling systems for industry. We, among others, cold rooms, ice factories, refrigerated stations, slaughterhouses, food processing plants.

Our services also include development and modernization of the existing facilities. We provide service and maintenance of refrigeration and freezing devices and systems.

We have a long experience and a wide range of equipment that allows us to apply solutions that meet utmost needs. Our offer includes: refrigerated cabinets, installation of isothermal panels, isothermal (module and automatic) doors, cold chambers with controlled atmosphere, refrigeration modules, cooling aggregates, electrical installations and equipment, ice generators, silos for chilled water, remote control devices and systems (including television monitoring), refrigerated counters, refrigerated display cases, food display equipment for supermarkets.

One of our key customers is Jeronimo Martins Polska S.A. – an owner of a discount store chain „Biedronka”.

We take care of the proper technical condition of the installations and the environment at the same time. Therefore, we have adopted state-of-the-art environmental protection technologies, in particular in terms of reduction of harmful substance emission. We hold the essential certificates which confirm the quality and safety of our products.