Maintenance and technical support
Everyday at your disposal.
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ILHO PL provides comprehensive technical assistance, repair and maintenance services 24h/7, 365 days a year across the country. Thanks to the close collaboration with our partners we are able to offer a wide range of services in different areas.
Maintenence and technical assistance department services:
Call Centre

Our call centre is available 24h/7, 365 days a year to attend clients in case of any problem or malfunction. Highly trained technicians are ready to appropriately respond to any situation requiring assistance and intervention.


Our teams are ready to quickly intervene to repair any kind of malfunction or trouble: from a simple tile replacement, locksmith or painting work, to complex hydraulic, electric and heating systems repairs.


ILHO PL provides comprehensive assistance for indoor and outdoor lightning systems.

Behind repairing and maintenance ILHO PL offers advise on electrical efficiency and functionality, providing modern, flexible and cost-effective solutions tailored to the clients’ needs.

Electrical Installations

ILHO PL provides comprehensive services, repairing and advisory in the area of low and high voltage electrical installations.

We manage complex electrical networks, copper cable networks, telecommunication systems, fire alarm systems, CCTV systems and IT systems.


ILHO PL provides comprehensive maintenance, repairing and consulting services, for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. ILHO PL offers advise on systems efficiency and functionality, providing cost-effective personalized solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Cooling systems

ILHO PL provides specialized assistance for industrial and commercial cooling equipment. Our interventions can range from simple replacement of valves, compressors, and condensers to complex repairs of cold, refrigerated and freezing chambers. We are also specialized in recovering and reconditioning freezing systems, giving them improved functionality and aesthetic.


ILHO PL provides maintenance, repairs and professional consulting   services for all kind of commercial furnishing such as shelves, racks and check-outs.

Sanitization and cleaning

ILHO PL offers cleaning and sanitization services, for both indoor and outdoor areas, ventilation and ac systems, refrigerating systems and commercial furnishings (racks, shelves, fridges, trolleys etc.).